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 +====== Sample Code for MinGW on Mac OS X ======
 +On may 13th 2008, the examples have been updated for release 2. Sample code for release 1 are [[|here]].
 +Once that you installed the distribution, you can test the correct operation with the following examples. Each downloadable example includes the source files, a ''makefile'' file, and command files:
 +  * for compiling, open ''build.command'' file;
 +  * for cleaning, open ''clean.command'' file.
 +Theses command files call the makefile.
 +|Hello World in C |{{|}} (2.7 kB)|
 +|Hello World in C++ |{{|}} (2.8 kB)  |
 +|Handling GetLongPathName under W95 |{{|}} (3.2 kB)  |
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